Virtual Reality Training Platform, dedicated for the Renewable Energy Businesses, Startups, and Training Institutions

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About Us

We’re transforming training and assessment for professionals working in the energy sector.

We envision a world where an institution can train whenever and wherever they need. No matter where they work. No matter the procedure. A world where companies and teams can practice together from anywhere, and empower themselves to grow with an accurate assessment and insightful data. So they can deliver better outcomes to the customers everywhere, flawlessly.

We are a team of experts who aspire to be your number one source for VR Training. We're dedicated to giving you the very best experience.

Huge Demand in Renewable Energy


Project target Project timeline
100 GW 2022 (Achieved)
175 GW 2022 (In process)
450 GW 2030 (In process)

Rest of the world

Project target Project timeline
280 GW 2020 (Achieved)
13000 GW 2050 (In process)

To meet such ambitious targets, are we ready with a skilled manpower? If not, how can we make it possible?

Our Solution

Our solution

100% Safe
3x Productive
50% Cost of Training Reduction
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Renewable Energy Virtual Training Platform for Corporates and Institutions (REVTCI)

We are committed to providing an immersive Virtual Reality Platform, meant for imparting hands-on training in the domain of Renewable Energy.

It is a tailor-made platform, meant to meet your needs:

  • To create a skilled workforce
  • To upskill the existing workforce

Our Vision

To standardize the training process inside the corporations and institutions, working in Renewable Energy and building a greener future.

What our
Clients say?

Excellent use of technology for cost effective and enhanced practical training towards solar installation. This will reduce strain and time of EPC and I&C companies. Good luck to Wenergy for forthcoming tech-product in renewable energy.
Synapse Energy Solution
It's great for institutions and companies provided that it’s a one-time investment. The module can be used again and again to train the employees
Fulare Solar Limited
Wenergy predicted an impact on the trainees and kept the promise of imparting effective VR training for our organization incredibly. They helped in opening up the possibility of learning that we have never experienced before. It made us believe that they have the potential to change the way we educate and learn forever.
Sunrisers Energy Solution
For every question I had, they were able to answer all effortlessly. They provided me with ample information required and I am glad I chose to go with this company. I was worried about the new technology used to impart training at first, but the results were far above my expectations. Trainees were more curious and attentive than before. Wenergy also offers good prices which are worth every penny.
Greenewtech Solutions

Let’s understand how we take care of your requirements

How we work

Solution! but
for whom?

‘Government and Private Companies’ & ‘Training Institutions and Colleges’ working in

Build the Essential Team that Fits Your Organization

Looking To Upskill And Retain Valued Trainees

Download the success story to see how AICTE trained its team to build up productivity and curiosity amongst them.

Read story

Build a Skilled Workforce

Training content in the Renewable Energy Sector with 3D and VR simulations mimic in-the-field training ranging from beginner basics to advanced scenarios.

Relieve Management Stress

Manage, assess and train your workforce through one platform. Deliver standardized, scalable training across multiple locations and hundreds of technicians.

Increase your Bottom Line

Reduce callbacks. Skills assessments ensure that your workforce is field-ready before sending them to a job. Lessen accidents and third-party calls.

How do we Execute it?

  1. Free consultation
    Get 1 Hr Free Consultation, led by the team of experts and the CEO himself.

    To understand how implementing Virtual Reality Training can increase the productivity and efficiency of the entire training process, thereby reducing the time and cost complexity significantly

    Schedule consultation
  2. Free Shipping for Quality Check
    Get a hands-on experience of the product at your place, before starting the work with us.
    What will you get?
    VR Experience of the Module, relevant to your Industry (Accessible via Oculus Quest)

    Ps: Oculus Quest, containing the installed application will be shipped to your location in 2-3 Working Days, upon completion of the Free Consultation.

    Dashboard to track your progress, real-time (Accessible via any Android Device)

    Ps: The android application downloadable link will be shared over email, once the Oculus Quest is delivered at the notified address.

    We believe that “Trust is the major thing in business and we want to build it prior to starting the work”.

    Get yours
  3. Requirements Gathering
    Our in-house team of Subject Matter Experts and CRM Team will be working closely with your corresponding team to understand the minute details, in regard to the requirements of the training program.

    Timeline: 1-2 Weeks

    Our aim is to foster loyalty through proactive customer relations and listening to our clients. We understand your needs and customize our solutions to provide you with the best user experience.

    Schedule consultation
  4. Development of the Customized Training Platform
    We develop an end-to-end VR Training Platform, tailored to your needs. It includes:
    1. VR Training Program, to-be-experienced via your selected VR Device during the Requirements Gathering phase.
    2. Track User Progress Dashboard for “Individual User” and “Master Trainer”, compatible over android/iOS application

    Your tailor-made requirements converted into a VR Training platform accessible for detailed assessment for learning and development needs of learners.

    Get it now
  5. Delivery
    Get your customized VR Training Platform, delivered in 4-12 Working Weeks, alongside the selected compatible hardware.

    To complete what we started, with full satisfaction and the best customer service.

Why we ace in this domain?

Customized Training Platform

Your needs are studied and transformed into a unique VR Training Platform, which is just for your organization.

We are an efficient team consisting of the best Storytellers, 3-D Artists, AR & VR Developers, Full-Stack Developers, and world-class Customer Relations, ready to ship out the best thing in 4-12 Weeks.

Official partner of Government of India

We recently launched VR Training Course on the portal of the All India Council for Technical Education(AICTE), aimed at generating curiosity among the youths to upskill themselves in this growing, yet rewarding sector of Solar Energy.

We are also an official partner of the National Productivity Council, Government of India.

Your Trustworthy Partners

We offer Free Shipping for Quality Checks, so that you can have a first hands-on experience of the product, before you plan out the business with us.

Field Experts

We gather the requirements according to your business needs, which our In-house team of field experts work on to deliver the best Customer Experience.

Focused Niche

We are aimed to building a workforce for a Greener Future. That’s what differentiates us, from the rest of the VR Companies.

Our Advisor

Mr. P Kesavan Nair

Mr. PK Nair is a seasoned business professional with over 40 years of experience in the energy, pharamaceutical, and technology space. Starting his career in Mumbai and then Pune, Mr. Nair moved to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 1981. Currently he is the General Manager of a major services group, working with top tier clients such as Saudi Aramco and others in the region. Over the years Mr. Nair has cultivated an influential network made up of C-Suite executives and officials across various sectors such as energy, healthcare and infrastructure. His passion to help others is reflected in his support of the young entrepreneurial spirit and we are excited to have him on board.

Get an immersive hands-on experience from any part of the world

Continuously upgrade and upskill your workforce - anytime, anywhere. Engaging and Interactive way of Training, in a Simulated Environment allows you to build an advanced-level workforce in a fraction of the time.

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